Privacy Policy

We're honored to be the stewards of OnlineGo.com, an online resource available on the Internet since 12 December 1999. Today and into our future, we want to describe with maximum transparency our practices regarding our data collection and privacy policy proceses.


The goal of this document is to describe the privacy policy of the OnlineGo.com website, including details about the information collected as part of you visiting this website, and the purposes of collecting this data, describing how your information is used.

Information Collected

When you visit OnlineGo.com we collect the following information:

As an overall rule, we do not collect personable identifiable information except when required and elected by you (e.g. to charge your billing information). Our practices respect the CCPA and GDPR legislation and we aim to comply with privacy regulations required by your local jurisdiction.

Purpose of Collection

We use the information collected for the following purposes:

Third Parties

Data might be shared with 3rd party entities (usually our partners) for valid business reasons, including:

We do not distribute your information to any third party for profit or for the purpose of reselling your data.

We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive data usage practices such as spam.

Objections and Remedies

If you object to any provision presented in the current document, you are not authorized to access the OnlineGo.com website.

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